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  • The winners are...

    On behalf of the Organization a big word of THANKS to all the players, parents, coaches and team of Franky's Bowling Nieuwegein.

    Also a huge thank you to our sponsors:

    • Main sponsor Brunswick powered by Valcke Group
    • Fletcher Hotels Nieuwegein
    • Franky's Bowling Nieuwegein
    • Bowling Shop Europe
    • Bowling Gear
    • Bowling Restaurant Menken
    • Odin Sportswear

    Partly by you is the 20th Brunswick Open International YET Tournament become one which we will not soon forget.
    With 183 participants and 319 play moments again a "PERFECT tournament" to continue in bowling terms. In a good coorperation with the bowling house Franky's Bowling Nieuwegein.

    The prizes were awarded to the winners under the watchful eye and in cooperation of:

    • Tournament director Mr. Louis van der Heijden
    • City of Nieuwegein Alderman (Sport) Mr. Johan van Engelen
    • Previous owner Bowling house Mr. Ronald Chandra
    • Odin Sportswear Mr. Marco de Bruijn


    Class 1 Mixed
    1. Daniel Johansson
    2. Robin Ilhammer
    3. Eliaz Olsson
    4. Vincent Vluggen
    Class 2 Boys
    1. Védan Delandhuy
    2. Marcus F. Nielsen
    3. Romano Beekman
    4. Hugo Nilsson
    Class 3 Girls
    1. Nora Johansson
    2. Sara Lundin
    3. Sjoanita Bommer
    4. Emma Friant
    Class 4 Boys
    1. Jack Blyth
    2. Kayden Lagana
    3. Dean Fagan
    4. Benjamin K. Kristensen
    Class 5 Girls
    1. Camilla Aronkvist
    2. Camille Olesen
    3. Sarah Much Jensen
    4. Lotte Liv Jensen
    Class 6 Boys
    1. Sebastian Holst
    2. Andrii Gadiatskyi
    3. Brian Lo
    4. Jean Luc Marijt
    Class 7 Girls
    1. Rosan Hamminga
    2. Kanlaya Paradklang
    3. Eva Bonnet
    4. Maja Loentoft
    Class 8 Mixed

    1. Danlyo Mazikin
    2. Alex Barnwell
    3. Radin Alizade
    4. Mikkel Andersen

    Hugo Nilsson
    Community Scale
    Eline Derijck
    Chandra Scale
    Dio Delespesse
    Most consistent players
    • Milan Scheffer
    • Dio Delespesse
    • Lizzy Flapper
    • Jonas Truyens
    • Manuella Huisson
    • Fabian Reurings
    • Lotte Commandeur
    • Mikkel Andersen
    All have won a voucher with which they can order a T-shirt at Odin Sportswear.
    The Best Sportmanship Award
    Elis Jacobsson

    Your experience and comments on our tournament are welcome and we are looking forward to see them.
    Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    We enjoyed it and look forward to see you all again next year in Nieuwegein.

  • All results posted

    Dear competitors, coaches, trainers, parents, sponsors and the Bowling Alley,

    All the results of the 20th Brunswick Open International YET Tournament are posted on the site. Click on Tournament > Results to see the results.

    On behalf of the entire organisation of the YET 2020 we would like to thank you very much for either participating or supporting.
    Without you our tournament would not be as successful as it is now.
    We have enjoyed watching you shine. We are looking forward to a successful edition next year.

    See you next year.....

  • Finals schedule posted

    The finals schedule is posted on the site. For more information see Tournament > Finals schedule

  • Testdrive Brunswick - DV8 - Radical (on sale)

    Prior to the Friendship dinner you can test a number of new balls from the Brunswick-DV8-Radical range
    under the guidance of Brunswick Staff players Marco de Bruijn and Nick de Gelder. 

    Click here for more information.
  • Photos posted

    The first photos of the 20th Brunswick Open International YET Tournament are posted on the site. View them under Media > Photos

  • Series format posted

    Today (January 10, 2020) the serie format is posted on the site. Look for an overview by Tournament > Series format
    This is sorted by ID and possibly itself to sort out series.

  • Badges coaches

    Coaches who have not yet submitted their pictures and copy license, do so as soon as possible, because otherwise they will not be allowed in the coaching area.

  • New main sponsor

    Through the Brunswick acquisition of the Ebonite Group, which came Columbia 300, the sponsorship to this tournament to be jeopardized. An uncertain time for YET Tournament came to a time when there was considerable consultation.
    Right now we are very pleased to tell you that the tournament has a new sponsor, which is BRUNSWICK powered by VALCKE GROUP.

    The Board of YET Netherlands Foundation as well as the team and volunteers from the YET Netherlands tournament thanks Columbia 300 and Bowltech International for many years very pleasant cooperation, support and assistance in finding solutions.

    Test case Saturday February 15th

    At the initiative of Brunswick, on the Saturday before the start of the Friendship Dinner, there will be held a test case by various players and staff John Bosch.