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  • Series format posted

    Today (January 10, 2020) the serie format is posted on the site. Look for an overview by Tournament > Series format
    This is sorted by ID and possibly itself to sort out series.

  • Badges coaches

    Coaches who have not yet submitted their pictures and copy license, do so as soon as possible, because otherwise they will not be allowed in the coaching area.

  • New main sponsor

    Through the Brunswick acquisition of the Ebonite Group, which came Columbia 300, the sponsorship to this tournament to be jeopardized. An uncertain time for YET Tournament came to a time when there was considerable consultation.
    Right now we are very pleased to tell you that the tournament has a new sponsor, which is BRUNSWICK powered by VALCKE GROUP.

    The Board of YET Netherlands Foundation as well as the team and volunteers from the YET Netherlands tournament thanks Columbia 300 and Bowltech International for many years very pleasant cooperation, support and assistance in finding solutions.

    Test case Saturday February 15th

    At the initiative of Brunswick, on the Saturday before the start of the Friendship Dinner, there will be held a test case by various players and staff John Bosch.

  • Practice

    Register by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Don't wait to long because full is full

  • Sponsored prizes

    The prizes for the winners in the class 1 to 8 are announced by our main sponsor Brunswick.
    For more information see Tournament > Prize Package

  • Raffle prizes 20th YET Tournament

    =The colors and weights of the bowling balls may differ from the images shown here=

  • Information oil pattern posted

    The information about the chosen oil pattern "20th Brunswick Open International YET Tournament" of Kegel is posted on the site.
    For more information see Tournament > Oil Pattern

  • The Best Sportsmanship Award

    Who will be the sportiest player of the tournament?

    A prize will also be awarded to the sportiest player. The sportiest player is determined by one of the competition leaders who remains secret. A player is chosen in each squad.
    On the last day of the tournament, finals day, a committee of referees including the sponsor selects the winner. The referees can indicate per squad whether there was a player who exhibited exceptional sporting behavior. The player most noted by the referees and sponsor wins the prize.

    Criteria to meet this are:

    • Always respect the tournament officials.
    • Always act fair, even if others fail to do so.
    • Respect each other on and off lane.
    • Always be pleasant to your fellow opponent, as without them you would have no tournament.
    • Always congratulate each other.
    • Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.
    • Always keep your head high as everyone can have a good day or a bad day on the lanes.
    • Respect everyone's equipment.
    • Sport is for everyone, no matter at what level or age.
    • Always lead by example.
    • If you are treated in an inappropriate way by a colleague bowler regarding to discrimination, bullying, insult, foul language, irritating behavior to intentionally hurt someone with this, report this to one of the laneofficials or referees as this is not accepted and can lead to sanctions.


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    Best Sportsmanship Award
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